• Java Specialist / Software Engineer

Experience Overview

  • 10+ years hands-on experience with Web application development
  • 7+ years of relevant experience with Java technologies on Java SE, Java EE and Java ME platforms;
  • 7+ years of relevant experience with OOAD (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design) with UML, including applying design patterns;
  • 5+ years hands-on experience with development frameworks (JUnit, SpringFramework, Struts, Hibernate, Ibatis);
  • 1+ years hands-on experience with Android development platform.
  • Java certified professional (SCJP2, SCWCD, SCJA, SCMAD);
  • Relevant experience on working with SCRUM;
  • Strong experience on working with RUP and CMMI-3 processes;
  • Configuration Management (code auditing, version control, managing software releases);

Relevant projects

  • Currently developing top rated mobile applications for Java ME and Android platforms.
  • Mobile Games design and development using Java ME;
  • Mobile application for Stocks Market using Java ME and Android (www.mstocksapp.com);
  • Products Management Application using JavaEE, Adobe Flex, EJB3, WebService, JPA, .NET Compact Framework (using C#);
  • Health care application for public local hospitals using Java EE;
  • Mobile application for measuring the GPRS and Bluetooth network bandwidth using Java ME;
  • Mobile application for reading PDF files on cellphones;
  • Design a JavaEE framework integrating Struts, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Ibatis;
  • Analysis and Design of an Accounting application module using Java EE;
  • Development of a high-scale Billing application module using JavaEE;
  • Development of a CallCenter application using Java EE;
  • Development of an Enterprise Knowledge Management application;
  • Development of the e-Learning application of University of Fortaleza;


Professional Certifications

  • 2005 - Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for Java 2 Platform ME (SCMAD);
  • 2005 - Sun Certified Associate for Java 2 Platform SE (SCAJ);
  • 2003 - Sun Certified Web Component Developer for Java 2 Platform (SCWCD);
  • 2003 - Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform SE (SCJP);
  • 2000 - Compaq Accredit System Engineer (Compaq ASE);

Development Environment Tools

  • Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE;
  • Enterprise Architect UML, Rational Rose UML, Poseidon UML;
  • WinCVS, TortoiseCVS, Rational Clear Case;
  • Ant Build, Maven, JIRA Issue Tracker;
  • Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL;

Interested Areas

  • Mobility, Connectivity, Distributed Systems, AI;
  • Java Technologies, web services, Design Patterns;
  • Performance, tuning, code quality;